How to Export

SAP&DC’s International Trade Program seeks to create and retain jobs by helping businesses increase their sales of exported goods and services.

Providing consulting services since 1985, SAP&DC serves as the regional coordinator for Pennsylvania Regional Export Network, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s economic development program for international business.  SAP&DC has direct access to 13 international trade representatives covering 44 countries around the world.  

The Commission staff provides assistance to small and medium-sized companies, typically at no charge.  Assistance provided includes but is not limited to; market research and market entry strategy, educational programs and technical support, compliance assistance, freight forwarding, access to financing programs and grant funding.

SAP&DC coordinates activities with the Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development (DCED), U.S. Commercial Service, banks, law firms, universities, and government service providers.  These affiliates offer their combined expertise to help regional businesses develop an export strategy.  The Network opens the gateway for state-sponsored overseas programs, global contacts and inquiries about foreign investments.

Participating businesses can access a network of state-sponsored overseas trade representatives, providers from the private and public sectors, and experienced Commission staff.

Whether a company is new to exporting or looking to expand existing international business, The Commission staff can assist in business to define and achieve international marketing objectives.

Exporting Documents

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