SAP&DC serves as the Rural Planning Organization (RPO) responsible for transportation planning and programming in partnership with PennDOT and the four rural counties of Bedford, Fulton, Huntingdon, and Somerset.

The RTTC provides technical advice, assistance, and recommendations to the Rural Transportation Coordinating Committee (RTCC) in carrying out the responsibilities of the Southern Alleghenies RPO. 

The RTTC includes 20 voting members:

  • 4 County Planning Directors, one from each rural county
  • 4 municipal representatives, one from each rural county
  • 1 Representative (4 total) from each rural county – appointed by county commissioners
  • 1 Representative from PennDOT District 9-0
  • 1 Representative from PennDOT Central Office
  • 2 Representatives from SAP&DC
  • 1 Representative from public transportation/transit
  • 2 Representatives from aviation, rail, or freight
  • 1 Representative from non-motorized transportation

RTTC Minutes