The Commonwealth‘s many agencies purchase a wide variety of goods and services, with an annual procurement budget of over $4.7 billion dollars.

Generally, contracting with the Commonwealth is a centralized process managed by the Department of General Services (DGS). The Department oversees procurement of goods and services, manages non-highway capital projects and maintains numerous core operations of state government, including managing the vehicle fleet, the Capitol Police force, state buildings and facilities. DGS also serves as the state’s real estate agent and insurance broker.

To learn more about how the Commonwealth procures its goods and services, visit the DGS web site.

A company wishing to do business with the Commonwealth as prime contractor must first register as a procurement supplier.  Registration is free and can be done online through the PA Supplier Portal.

Commonwealth acquisition procedures require that all contract opportunities for state agencies (with an estimated value over $10,000) must be published on the Department of General Services’ eMarketplace web site.  Businesses interested in locating Commonwealth bid opportunities should monitor eMarketplace.

Commonwealth Small Purchase bid opportunities (less than $10,000) can be found directly by contacting agency Purchasing Offices. Click to download a list of agency purchasing offices and tips on how to best use them.

For assistance entering the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania marketplace, please contact the PTAC at SAP&DC at