The Southern Alleghenies Local Management Committee (LMC) is comprised of representatives from the region’s six County Assistance Offices, the Commonwealth’s Bureau of Workforce Development Partnership (BWDP), local education and economic development agencies, and lastly, Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission (SAP&DC ) serving as the Local Workforce Investment Area Fiscal Agent.  The LMC manages and directs the operation of contracted welfare programs on the local level.  This includes programmatic decisions, particularly those associated with the delivery of services, the bidding and selection of subcontractors, the provision of case management, and the job placement, job retention strategies, and participation rates for the Welfare Programs.

[To Be Named] Fulton County Assistance Office
Mr. Jeffery Dick Bureau of Workforce Development Partnership
Ms. Gwen Fisher Bureau of Workforce Development Partnership
Ms. Barbara Covert Huntingdon Employment & Training
Mr. Steven Howsare SAP&DC
Ms. Miriam Fink Penn Highlands Community College
Mr. Robert Hixson Cambria County Assistance Office
Mr. Michael Holp Somerset County Assistance Office
Mr. Joseph Beeler Huntingdon County Assistance Office
[To Be Named] Blair County Assistance Office
Mr. Shawn Wesner Bedford County Assistance Office