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SAP&DC Requests for Proposals for Municpal Flood Resiliency Planning

Due to the proximity to waterways and increased runoff from development, significant portions of area municipalities are in and on floodplains. The frequency and magnitude of flood events and flood losses are notably increasing. The federal government has recognized the current model of flood insurance protection with significant federal subsidization is no longer affordable. The cost of flood insurance is scheduled to increase four to five times over the current rates in the next several years. These changes will have a significant impact on
municipalities and their residents.
The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit work by a qualified firm or team of firms to assist a community or communities within the Southern Alleghenies Region of Pennsylvania with municipal flood resiliency planning. With this RFP, the Southern Alleghenies
Planning & Development Commission (SAP&DC) requests information regarding the products, services, experience, and qualifications of your firm or team of firms, as it relates to the proposed project.

RFP: RFP: Municipal Flood Resiliency Program