The Southern Alleghenies Greenways and Open Space Network Plan, funded jointly through DCNR as well as the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, and developed by the six Southern Alleghenies counties and SAP&DC, was completed in 2007 as the first regional greenways plan in Pennsylvania. The Plan outlines a series of policies and projects that identify missing linkages within the Southern Alleghenies that are vital to connecting the region’s vast number of natural and man-made resources in an effort to protect and conserve these resources, expand recreational opportunities, bolster local economic development, increase pedestrian and bicycle mobility, and promote healthy lifestyles. By connecting these assets into a comprehensive greenway network, the region’s natural resources are leveraged to promote and strengthen their value to the region for a range of purposes.

SAP&DC is launching Round 3 of the Regional Greenways Mini-Grants Program, which is a continuation of a program developed in 2012-2013 to implement greenways-related projects through local partners. The purpose of implementing this program is to advance the priorities identified in the Southern Alleghenies Greenways and Open Space Network Plan. SAP&DC will accept applications for the third round of the Greenways Mini-Grants programs until 4:00 PM on March 31, 2017.

To submit an application, email the application form and supplemental materials to

For additional information, please contact:

Lindsay Pyle

Community Development Planner


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