The Brand


The Alleghenies brand was launched in January 2006 to establish a strong identity for the region by uniting the participating counties with a distinct purpose, audience and product.  The Allegheny Mountain Range of the Appalachian Mountains, the only geographic factor linking all counties, was chosen as a means to identify the region as a destination.  Pennsylvania, and this region in particular, has taken ownership of The Alleghenies much like Colorado has claimed the Rockies, the Smokies that have been claimed by Tennessee and even the Alps that have been claimed by Switzerland.  The goal of the brand is to provide a name that brings to mind great challenges, natural beauty, rich history and a superb quality of life.



“This Place Speaks to You” is an attitudinal statement that connects readers to the soul of The Alleghenies. Whether for relaxation or to test their skills and push themselves, the roads, trails, waterways, forests and mountains of The Alleghenies seeks to understand the readers and is waiting to thrill, relax and amaze visitors to the region.