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Canary Labs Achieves International Success

Canary Labs is a leading software solutions company, located in Martinsburg, PA and was founded in 1985. Their software is used to simplify sensor data storage and analytics for the Oil and Gas Industry, Water and Waste Water Sector and Power. They can tailor a solution for the company’s specific needs.

The Canary Enterprise Historian and Axiom applications are used in complex environments and easily handle millions of points per second.  The Canary software products allows users to view real time and historical data in dashboards, trend charts and reports for the business operations. The Canary Labs product suite is the only truly scalable solution that enables organizations to quickly and effectively analyze data without delay.

Canary Labs has been able to increase their international sales by obtaining new distributor partners overseas, which has led to them hiring two new engineers in Martinsburg. Canary has recently signed a new distributor in Germany and will be jointly attending the SPS (Smart Production Solutions) show in Nuremberg, Germany. By attending multiple trade shows throughout the year, they have been able to increase activity into countries such as Belgium, Canada, Finland, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and The Netherlands to name a few.  In addition to increasing their sales, they are working toward hiring two more additional employees in Martinsburg in 2019.

SAP&DC has been working diligently alongside Canary and the PA Authorized Trade Reps, to assist Canary Labs in finding new overseas representatives and assisting with international company background checks. This has been very beneficial in the signing of new international distributors. In addition, they have been awarded the Global Access Program (GAP) funding to help offset the cost of attending trade shows in 2018 and in 2019, they are attending the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), which is a large international trade show in the oil & gas industry.